What is the WoRe?

The so called "Wohnheims-Referat" short WoRe can somehow be translated to "dormitory department". It's a group of students, also living in Straußi 3, who are voluntarily responsible to offer some special things for our dormitory community. Most dormitories got their own WoRe.

Who are our WoRe tutors?

Board Members


What do the board members of the WoRe do?

Our two board members are the interface between the janitor / Studierendenwerk and the students. If you have questions, suggestions or problems, feel free to write an email to Christian or Loïc!


Christoph Schnorr

Lena Kühn

Carola Luthardt


What do the event tutors do?

The event tutors take care of all events around Straußi 3. This includes planning and organizing parties and other events, so that no resident wastes away behind a pile of books ;). Sometimes we also swing the wooden spoon, so that your physical well-being is taken care of or we distribute presents for the children in the dormitory as Santa Clauses. The event tutorial is also responsible for organizing the regular bulky waste collection (usually at the end of the semester).


Christian Nicolai

Anna Scholz


What do the "Laufrunde" tutors do?

The task of our Laufrunde tutors Fabio and Erik is to organize, carry out and evaluate the Laufrunde. Maybe you have already participated in one of these and ended up in the WG of your choice.

Consulting Hours

Paul Merke

Anna-Lena Seidemann


What do the sublet tutors do?

The sublet tutors are responsible for the sublease in Straußäcker 3. We will conclude sublease contracts with you and help you to find a main tenant or a subtenant. If you want to sublet your room or if you are looking for a room for subletting, please register on our subletting page. There you will find all important information about the process and the general conditions.

If you have any questions or would like to sign a sublease directly, please contact us!


Sebastian Alber


What does the IT tutor do?

The main task of the IT tutorial is to take care of our two websites, the homepage and the sublease page, and to make sure here that everything runs smoothly and that the websites are up to date. In addition, IT is responsible for communicating with Selfnet and taking care of the Straußi 3 channels on Facebook and Instagram to keep you updated and entertained.

Forgot your password and username from the sublease site?

One of our websites is down?

Then feel free to contact our current IT tutor Sebastian!


Stefan Schneider


What does the inventory tutor do?

We as a dormitory offer you the possibility to borrow things from us. From ironing boards to beer pong tables to popcorn machines, we have it all. If you want to borrow something you can come to me.


Kai Egle

Kuvam Sharma

Dominik Krist


What do the garden tutors do?

The garden tutors take care of the five raised beds in the middle Straußi aisle near Block E. We sow, plant, water and thus provide the Straußi 3 residents with fresh lettuce, herbs, vegetables and fruit seasonally.

You want to garden yourself? No problem, there is always a free space in the raised beds. The best thing is to mark your plants as private and inform us briefly about it.

You can find the WoRe here

Things to lend

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