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Campus Vaihingen – Stuttgart

Straußäcker III

Allmandring 3c-i

70569 Stuttgart

You can find the Straußi 3 here


In Straußi 3 there are both 2-person and 4-person flatshares, but the majority of the apartments are 4-person flatshares. Each apartment is equipped with PVC flooring and central heating, and the 4-person flatshares even have the luxury of two bathrooms per apartment! There is also a lockable bike room in each block and a laundry room with washing machine, dryer and clothesline.

Key data:

  • 7 blocks with 12 apartments each (two 2-person and ten 4-person shared apartments)

  • the 2-person shared flats are also suitable for families

  • 304 rooms in total

  • room size: 12sqm

  • Year of construction: 1997

Rental prices:

  • 278-351€ (graduated rent)

Internet connection:

  • Each room has a LAN connection, through which the student association Selfnet e.V. operates the internet. For 7€ a month you can become a passive member and use the internet.


  • room furnished with bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and shelves.

  • storage rooms in the apartments

  • one kitchen per apartment

  • one or two bathrooms per apartment

  • washing machines and dryers

  • bicycle rooms

  • bicycle parking spaces